Nuclear Bailout

As Illinois, New York, and New Jersey

Instead of a direct subsidy bailout In Pennsylvania, the nuclear industry approached the Pennsylvania legislature

This week, we sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Legislature to voice opposition to House Bill 11 and Senate Bill 510. This proposed legislation would increase all consumer electric bills, including those of the state’s chemical and petrochemical manufacturers.

According to an analysis by the Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania, if nuclear power generation were to be added to the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard, the state’s industrial consumers would face at least $192 million in additional electricity costs annually.

Small manufacturers could annually pay an extra $60,000 on average, while larger manufacturers could see a nearly $2 million annual increase in electric costs. Large manufacturers with multiple facilities could face a nearly $4 million annual hike.

If this legislation is passed, it will significantly alter Pennsylvania’s energy market by dictating which sources of energy can be bought and sold to customers. To the detriment of the customer, this will leave little room in the market for different sources and supply to compete.

Please consider reaching out to your local elected official to relay how increased energy costs would impact your business and express your opposition to this proposed legislation. You can look up contact information for your local elected here, and we have provided resources below for your reference.

Please reach out with any questions.

Thank you!

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