Environmental Quality Board

Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board Updates

  • Proposed Rulemaking: Revision of the Maximum Allowable Sulfur Content Limit for No.2 and Lighter Commercial Fuel Oil (25 Pa. Code 123.22)
    DEP proposes to amend Chapter 123 (relating to standards for contaminants) to reduce the maximum allowable sulfur content limit from 500ppm to 15ppm for No. 2 and lighter commercial fuel oil.
    This proposed rulemaking would apply to the owner and operator of a refinery, pipeline, terminal, distributor, carrier, or retail outlet fuel storage facility that produces, conveys, stores, or sells No. 2 and lighter commercial fuel oil, as well as the ultimate consumer in Pennsylvania.

    DEP will open a comment period and hold public input hearings prior to publishing the rule.
  • Petition for Rulemaking: Program to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    On April 16, EQB voted 14 to 5 to accept a rulemaking petition to create a Cap-And-Trade Program for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Pennsylvania for evaluation.

    The rulemaking asks EQB to establish a market-based cap-and-trade greenhouse gas emission reduction program that eliminates those emissions from major sources by 2052 in Pennsylvania.

    Study of the petition will include an evaluation of the economic and fiscal impact of the proposal, the effectiveness of the cap-and-trade program being suggested, including an evaluation of alternatives that may be less costly such as joining the already established Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

    DEP now has 60 days to return to the Board with its recommendation on the petition, although that will more than likely be extended because of the complexity of the evaluation required in this case.

The PA Chamber and several other business organizations submitted a letter to EQB expressing concern with respect to the rulemaking petition. PCIC has not yet engaged on this issue and the council’s position will be discussed at the June 19 board meeting.