Members of PCIC filled the East Wing Rotunda of the State Capitol in May to connect with state decision makers and the public about the economic benefits of the chemical industry in Pennsylvania.

Robin Sprague, northeast government affairs leader for Dow Chemical Company, said it’s crucial to get out and meet with the lawmakers that are key to impacting legislation that matters to members.

“Together we approached the state senators and the House members on issues important to the industry,” Sprague said. “When you have numbers or a group, it represents a lot more than just your company, so it’s more impactful.”

Led by PCIC legislative chairman, John Hines from Shell, participants attended a series of one-on-one meetings with state Sens. Elder Vogel, Gene Yaw and John Yudichak, as well as Reps. John Maher, Jaret Gibbons and Jim Christiana in the early part of the day.

In addition to talking about the economic benefits of the chemical industry, the conversations focused on updating Pennsylvania’s building codes and legislation on drones.

Sprague says her company is concerned about drones.

“This is significant for us in the sense that we don’t want hobbyists or terrorists using drones over our property. … It’s a safety issue for workers,” she said.

Covestro LLC, Sunoco Logistics, Kleinfelder and Ashland Performance Materials were among members that also hosted information tables in the rotunda.

Ashland’s Herschel R. Craven said his table’s location in the heart of the Capitol was a great spot to connect with the public.

“We were able to set up a table here and have people stop by and talk about some of the more unique applications for our products,” he said.

While Craven manned the display, Ashland’s Paul E. Brenner traveled to lawmakers’ offices with the larger group. He described the experience as fruitful.

“They really were interested in helping us,” he said. “They agreed with us for the most part, they were on that path themselves as far as [PCIC’s] three issues, and they were all very receptive.”

Covestro Advocacy Representative Madeline Hennings said she valued the introduction to state leaders adding that “down the road if we have a project we’re working on, it’s really good to build those relationships.”

PCIC President Jeff Logan said the most important part of the legislative day is giving members that opportunity to speak to lawmakers with one voice on behalf of the industry’s top interests.

“It was a tremendous success,” he said. “Shuffling between legislative offices, PCIC members shared the importance of the chemical industry in Pennsylvania and emphasized the need for policy updates.”

The day concluded with a reception attended by administration officials, including Labor & Industry Secretary Kathy Manderino, legislators and other stakeholders.

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